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Tip and Advice before you buy new furniture

Do you just buy a new house or just move in to a new rental property or just move from oversea, interstate...etc There are many good reason for you to shop and refresh your house with brand new furniture. So here is few tips and advice how to choose furniture that you might consider before doing any shopping.

  • Have a list of all the items that you need for each room.
 You might have a vision what to put in each room and what do you need to buy in priority. for example: your master bedroom for sure you will need the bed frame( Double bed frame or queen, king), do you need one or both bedside tables, do you have enough room for a nice and big dressing table with mirror or just simply a chest of drawers for extra storage and convenient.
  • Need a draft sketching of the room and measure every corner and every wall.
 You think you can fit a lot of furniture in that room but it might not as you think. You should bring this information with you when shopping, furniture sale consultant sure can help you make sure all the items you want will fit in the room or not.
  • Think about the style, design, color, material of the furniture you want to buy.
 Take some photos of the existing furniture so they can be handy when you try to compare and visualize how will they look together old and new furniture.
  • Research.
 The best way to shop is have some research online so you know what kind of furniture do you want, what are available on the market, what the price range that you will feel comfortable with before you head down to the shops.
  • Shopping with family or friends.
 Bring your partner or family, friends who live and share the house with you to make decision with you. So if you find pieces of furniture suite your place, together you can make decision easier.
    Happy shopping everyone!!!